Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Victoria Hall is a magnificent venue in the heart of Saltaire.

Designed by the architects Lockwood and Mawson (along with other buildings in Saltaire and opened in 1871, Victoria Hall was one of the last (but also one of the most magnificent) buildings to be completed in Sir Titus Salt's workers' village.

The building as a whole was originally known as the "Saltaire Institute" with the main ballroom being named "Victoria Hall" in honour of Queen Victoria. Over time the names began to be used synonymously however, and today the building as a whole is called Victoria Hall.

Cnema organ on the stage in Victoria Hall, Saltaire

The original ballroom is now simply called the "Main Hall", and since 2009 includes a Wurlitzer organ (pictured above) which can be raised through the floor on a hydraulic lift (as was the custom with cinema organs in the 20th century). The organ itself was built in 1937 for the Gaumont cinema in Oldham and was a feature of the Ritz ballroom in Brighouse before being moved to Saltaire.

Looking out of window from inside Victoria Hall, Saltaire Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Today Victoria Hall is used for a variety of events, including conferences, concerts, dances and craft fairs.

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