Bronte Country reopens for business following coronavirus lockdown

On Saturday July 4th 2020 various tourism businesses (including some accommodation providers, cafes, pubs and restaurants as well as some visitor attractions* etc.) throughout the Bronte Country area reopened to customers.

[* = N.B. not all businesses and attractions are open yet, and in some cases pre-booking is required, so visitors are advised to check with specific operators before travelling. See also "IMPORTANT UPDATE" below.]

Three months on from the UK wide lockdown which was put in place to inhibit the spread of the COVID19 coronavirus (a global pandemic having been declared by the World Health Organisation in March 2020) cases of infections were reported to be falling and the government authorised the reopening of many (but not all) businesses in England - albeit with certain restrictions to maintain social distancing and other precautions put in place.

This has obviously been a very difficult time for businesses - especially those in the tourism sector - but help has been at hand in the shape of various UK government grants and a special "furlough" scheme which was set up by the UK government to pay the wages of those workers who were temporary laid off due to the crisis. At a local level Eagle Intermedia has played its part by providing three months' promotion free of charge to existing accommodation providers who had already been advertising on the Bronte Country website. Renewal dates have been adjusted accordingly, and it is hoped that this will help advertising clients get "back on their feet" as the lockdown eases.

The virus is still present however, and a "second wave" of mass infections remains a serious possibility. As such visitors to the Bronte Country area and other parts of the country must keep vigilant and do all they can to limit the chances of the virus spreading. The official line is to "Stay Alert - Control the Virus - Save Lives", and information about the current situation can be found on the UK government website at

IMPORTANT UPDATE - added 31st July 2020

As of Friday 31st July 2020 new lockdown restrictions have been applied to much of the Bronte Country area. You can find out about these local restrictions on the UK government website at"

The situation is under constant review, and visitors to the Bronte Country area and the UK in general should check out the latest information from local authorities and the UK government before making travel plans.

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[News item posted by Eagle Intermedia July 2020.]

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