Clough House

Frontage of Clough House Stone plaque above door at Clough House

After their marriage at Guiseley Church in 1812 Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell lived at Clough House in the aptly named Hightown situated on the hill above Hartshead in the Kirklees district of West Yorkshire.

Patrick was then minister at nearby Hartshead Church, and the couple's first daughters Maria and Elzabeth were born here in 1814 and 1815 respectively, the latter just before their move to Thornton (where the other Bronte siblings were born at the building which is now known as the Bronte Birthplace).

Just down the road from Clough House is the Shears Inn, which is believed to have been where the Luddites met to plot the riots in 1812 which later inspired Charlotte Bronte's 1849 novel "Shirley".

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