Todmorden is a Pennine town not far from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire's Bronte Country .

The Rochdale Canal passes through Todmorden, en route between Sowerby Bridge and Manchester.

Todmorden was the birthplace of Sir John Cockroft, the British physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work with Ernest Walton and Mark Oliphant for their pioneering work in disintegrating the atomic nucleus (an achievement which has been popularly referred to as "splitting the atom"). The kind of electrostatic machine they designed and built to power their accelerator is now known as a Cockroft-Walton generator, with examples being still in use in nuclear physics and particle physics laboratories to this day.

The town is also known for being the home of the Todmorden Lucky Dog, a totemic fortune enhancing sculpture which featured in one of the illusionist Derren Brown's TV programmes.

Todmorden is also believed to be a UFO "hotspot", there having been numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects reported in the area.

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